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KOLKATA- Son Locked 94 years Old Women, as he left for the Vacation, Rescued.

kolkata: Hello, everyone, some people are doing some those types of work which is not acceptable by the social and also by the God. One incident comes from the Kolkata, A son doing the guiltiest things ever, According to The Indian Express report A son locked his 96-year-old woman for going to the vacation. Let’s know, how to the 96-year-old woman rescued?

A 96-year-old woman, who was allegedly locked in her room by her son before he left for a vacation in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, was rescued by her daughter on Sunday.

Sabita Nath, who stayed with her son Vikash in Choubaga area of Anandapur, was locked since Wednesday night. Vikash had left for Andaman and Nicobar that night, police sources said. She was without food for three days and vomited twice, they added.

Sabita’s daughter Jayshree Kayal, who stays in Barrackpore, came to visit her on Sunday and found the house locked. She then heard some sounds in the bathroom. Following this, she raised an alarm and informed the police. Sabita was then rescued by her daughter and neighbors. “Vikash had locked his mother in a small room at their house and went for a tour in Andaman. The victim has five daughters. One of them came home and found the old woman locked inside. With the help of neighbors, she rescued her mother. She took her mother to Barrackpore with her,” said a police officer. Jayshree has lodged a general diary against her brother.

Sabita was in tears when reporters tried to speak to her. “I vomited twice. My son had locked me for almost four days. He had handed over the keys to the maid who had unlocked my room once and gave me food. But, the next day she did not come. I was feeling suffocated. As far as I know, he is holidaying outside,” she said. Sources said Vikash had locked his mother when she was sleeping. “The elderly woman was found lying in the bed with vomiting stains around. It is sad to see how people are becoming so insensitive to their own parents,” said a local.

Conclusion: Guys, don’t do this with your parents. Parents are our first God who takes us in the world and now what we are and what we will be in future is only due to them. 

Just be with them always and don’t make them cry.  Thank you.

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