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Narendra Modi Official app sending data to an American Firm: Approved NDTV and Cyber Security

Narendra Modi official App send data to American Firm: NDTV and security researcher approved

Allahabad: Narendra Modi Official App which is downloaded by more than the 5 Million users. It sends data to an American Firm without taking any permission from the App users. Cybersecurity and NDTV are proved that Narendra Modi Official App is sending data of App User to an American Firm without taking any permission from users. This accusation on Narendra Modi Official App, when the data leak of Facebook-Cambridge Analytica and using it for an upcoming election of 2019.

BJP curse the data sending to an American Firm. ‘All data use only for the analysis for providing the best goods and service’, Said BJP supremo. BJP also accused for another party as well as on Congress that these parties official app was sending data to the third party.

The Tweet of named as Elliot Alderson, who rise the weakness of Ancient India’s national identity certificate Aadhar card. They tweet many times on Saturday that Narendra Modi Official App sending personal detail of user to third party domain which belongs to America.

 Elliot Alderson said that After twitting about the sending data to third party of Narendra Modi Official app, App developers change in some privacy policy detail.

NDTV also talk to the app developers that data sharing from Narendra Modi Official App to another website or third party is truth or not? Then the truth comes that yes data is sharing to another third party website, which named  If you want also to check the data sharing report is true or not then follow the step which I mention below according to the NDTV report.

First of all you should intersept your data with the internet connection. You can use a popular tool for it named as Burp Suite. Truth is in the screenshot below which I mention.

During the registration as well as after registration it is never asking Narendra Modi app this permission that the data can be shared with a third-party website. This method follows many official app.

NDTV gives the report that is an American domain which is operating by the California company WixRocket Inc and data sending to a server which is in Mumbai.

“We using the data of users for making the Omni channel and deliver according to user behavior, location and lifecycle”, Clevertap’s website said. The company was made by the three Indian in 2013, and it’s branches in Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangluru as well as many cities of America.

Tweet war is started after the tweet of Elderson and Fact-checking and Website Altnews than Rahul Gandhi is also tweeted for many times.

“Namstey, I am Narendra Modi… I am Prime Minister of India… when you sing up in to our official app, I am sending your data to my American Friends company… Thank you minstery media, who always work to hide important news to others”.

After regular post and Criticise, BJP accepted that the Narendra Modi Official app sending data to the third party. “These data only use for the analytic of Narendra Modi Official app such as Google Analytics” BJP official account tweeted.

BJP’s IT operation head Amit Malviya also tweeted about Rahul Gandhi and said the same things done by the Congress with it official app. Amit Malviya tweet is below

But congress didn’t accept this accusation.

BJP said that all data sharing only for the users and providing for the good service. But what happens with the privacy policy which takes the secret personal detail and contact detail and it is not sharing with another third party. This privacy policy is still on Sunday but now the privacy policy change of Namo app.

The new privacy policy is: Your information can share with others to provide you the best goods and services which is including- Name, Email, Mobile number, Phone Number, Device information, Location, and Network carrier.

If any update will come I will update this post you can check back.

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