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Facebook 5 crore data stole- All you Need to know about facebook and cambridge

Facebook: Facebook is one of the most used social media. Every person know about the Facebook and greater than half population of the world is active on Facebook. But the question is again comes, Facebook is still the safe platform for sharing personal information? We all know that we are sharing our most of the personal information on Facebook and our chat which is most personal. If the information was stolen by any other third person what will happen? You and I can’t explain it what will happen but we know that what happens.

Once again facebook information is stolen. In this post, I will tell you the full detail that, is facebook information really stolen or it is sharing by the CEO of Facebook Mark Juckerburg?

Facebook announced the information and report coming that 5 crore data is stolen and it is accepted by the CEO of Facebook Mark Juckerburg. Let know who stolen the 5 crore facebook data and who can take the benefit from the stolen Facebook data.

America’s President Donald Trump Benefit in upcoming Election:

According to the special report of Jagran, all 5 crore data stolen of American people. All Facebook account is that account who relate the unexpected winner of presidential election Donald Trump in 2016. And all take the benefit of this data is Cambridge Firm which is working for the Donald Trump. We all know that the reason for an unexpected win of the Presidential election from this Firm to Donald Trump. The founder of Cambridge Cristhopher Wile was given a joint interview to Newyork and Guardian Times and he exposes the method of working with this firm in 2016. Cristopher Wile was retired from this firm in 2014. A report says that all information was stolen only for manipulating the American people. And now the Facebook CEO Mark Juckerburg is in under investigation.

Is Facebook was hacked?

Is facebook was hacked? this question is asking to Mark Juckerburg. He says that Facebook was not hacked, Facebook giving the permission to any firm only for the survey and research and it’s all permission given by the only Facebook users. When any user starting the Facebook account, this information is asking to them, “Mark Jukerburg say”. But Facebook only giving the permission for research not for selling the data of Facebook users. This is all happen according to the Facebook.

Why should you be worried?

If you think that you should not be worried because it happens only in America in 2016, so here you are wrong. If you ask me to answer this question than I will say, yes, It can happen in any country any state and any city. If we taking the information of 2010 of Cambridge Analytics website. This information about the Bihar (India’s State) Election which is contracted by the Cambridge in 2010. And the report coming that 90% of Sheet is covered by the Cambridge client. And also the report coming that this firm is in contact with many parties of India in upcoming 2019 Election. This is mean that this firm can take your all decision making for upcoming 2019 election. And try to make all possible decisions form this firm.

How companies stole the Facebook Data?

The question is that how can be data stolen from the Facebook? If you are a Facebook user so you will definitely see a banner of the quiz in which you can see your face like another celebrity, tour of another planet, your past, your next life etc. Let me remember you if you play ever these quiz than quiz asking for the permission to access yFacebookbook account. And we allow accessing from our account to see the next step. And this is the reason of stolen the Facebook data. According to the Newyork Times report data stolen by the My Personality App which is related to the Facebook.

Cambridge contact with these Parties.

Cambridge Analytica is now making the way of South Africa.This Firm using the Facebook user information without taking permission from the Facebook user. This firm is now taking the chance of making a way in India, Srilanka, and Bangladesh and other Asian countries. Let me tell you Cambridge also find a business partner in India. Ovelano Business Intelligence (OBI) private limited says that Congress and BJP can be the client in 2019 Election. According to the report, a company is not only with Congress and BJP, it is also talking in Srilanka with Mahendra Rajpachey. According to the reporting company mutuality in starting position.

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